The Rhodos Bar

Our bar is the centre of operations and is the 1st part of Rhodos to open at 7am and the last to close at 2am. The morning-time is normally populated by coffee drinkers warming themselves up for a day on the slopes whilst checking their Facebook status on our free wifi. However, this being a ski resort means that of course anything goes and so we're licensed to warm you up with something a bit stronger if that's your thing (we can even top up your hip flask). The bar continues to bustle throughout the day up until apres ski around 5pm when things really take off.

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Après Ski/Biking - 5pm - 7pm
Finished your day on the mountain? Then why not join us at the Rhodos Bar where we have something different going on every night. Take your drinking to the next level and try our ski boot challenge or even gather some friends around the bar for the shot-ski. But don't worry, if you miss the bus home for dinner you can always get a table in our very own restaurant. Bases covered!

The Rhodos Bar Exclusives

Rhodos Specials

As well as popular draft lagers from around Europe including Peroni and Leffe, we've also the Mutzig Old lager. At 6.9%, Mutzig is famed in the French Alps amongst its seasonaires and tourists alike. We've also taken the Mutzig and given it a retro-twist, creating the Mutzig Snakebite, an apres ski stalwart.

For those of you wanting a more sophisticated tipple we have a range of craft beers from the Meantime brewery in Greenwich, London. These timely and exclusive additions to our draft beers include their London Lager and London Pale Ale. For the beer drinkers who like to control their own pace of pouring you must order our table top Giraffe; holding 5 pints of Peroni it might just save you one or two trips to the bar.

Sports Bar - 4 Mega Screens

We are true sports fans here at Rhodos. Our love of skiing and snowboarding brought us here and you'll often find our HD TVs showing the World Cup races. Even more important is the Premiership football and Six Nations rugby when the atmosphere can really take off in the bar. However, we are still supporters of the underdog and if your lower league team are on TV and we've nothing else scheduled, just ask our staff and we'll make it happen. We're good like that.